25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs

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If you are looking to add a bit of fun to your workshop, you should consider a custom helmet shield makeover!

Here, we have listed 25 unique and interesting designs ranging from old-school cool to some interesting character hoods, (Star Wars welding helmet designs being our favorites…especially now that we have been forced to buy Disney Plus for our kids and ended up watching the Mandalorian!).

So below you can get some inspiration from fellow creative welders including designs from the Avengers, Boba Fett; all the way to cute styles such as Minions, (this one is an interesting submission from one of our readers telling us that he made it to help teach his young boy the trade).

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Star Wars Welding Helmets:

Darth Vader Welding Helmet

25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 1
Image credit: Plebani Built

If you are an avid Star Wars fan you will really appreciate this outstanding Darth Vader hood. With welder’ glue, a bit of inspiration, and a couple of engineering techniques, it is possible to design your own Stars Wars character.

Clone Trooper Helmet

25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 2
Image credit: Plebani Built

This is a Clone Trooper helmet that has been transformed into an innovative welding helmet using a toy. With a Clone Trooper’s voice effect along with your own probe arm, this helmet adds an element of fun and humor to your welding days. If you decide to make one for yourself, avoid leaving it lying around once you finish work for the day, or you may never see your helmet again.

Boba Fett Welding Hood

25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 3
Image credit: Plebani Built

Find out how a bit of inspiration and creativity is able to produce such a close resemblance to the notorious Boba Fett. The accurate details that go into this Mandalorian helmet, which includes exact details of the paintwork that is scratched up, are truly impressive. To commemorate this renowned bounty hunter, add this to your collection at your welding store if you feel you can take on this challenge.

Avengers Welding Helmets:

Iron Man Mark VI

25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 4
Image credit: Plebani Built

You could end up doing far more than only watching your beloved Avengers character with your own Iron Man helmet. When taking inspiration from the evolving technology that Stark is well known for, join up with the Avengers welding team when you craft your own Iron Man helmet. I really enjoyed the underplate made of carbon fiber, it really completed this helmet.

The Incredible Hulk Hood

25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 5
Image credit: Perfection Airbrushing

Do you feel frustrated with the people you work with? Unleash your inner Hulk with one of these angry masks while churning out your next welding project. Some of the features are extremely realistic. I especially enjoyed how the details are not kept away from the actual visor.

Iron Man Mark L

25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 6
Image credit: Welding Web

If you want to start leading your team with leadership and authority, pull out your spray gun to give this helmet a try. Even though the Mark VI addition featured above includes a lot more detail, this helmet is very easy to achieve for any person that has a bit of skill and experience with painting.

Funny Minions Welding Hoods:

Dual-Eyed Minion Mask

25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 7
Image credit: Perfection Airbrushing

Look at the precise facial details featured on this guy. Only spray painters with skills and extensive experience would be able to recreate this one, yet it is definitely one I would be open to buying. Any of your customers that walk through your workshop will notice that this is an exact replica of one of the Minions.

One-Eyed Minion Hood

25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 8
Image credit: Perfection Airbrushing

Are you tired of wearing a dirty and dark helmet every day? Visit https://www.perfectionairbrushing.com to find ways to add some color and fun to your helmet with this one-eyed Minion helmet. Your workmates will give you a round of applause when you manage to pull this makeover off.

The Feel-Good Happy Helmet

25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 9
Image credit: Cheezburger

Are you one of those welders that enjoy site work? Bring a bit of joy and laughter from behind your hood with this phenomenal Minion paint job. This project involves airbrushing and then coating the helmet using a heat-resistant ceramic clear layer. This is a welding helmet that is extremely durable and strong along with a long-lasting finish if you feel this is something you would like to imitate.

TIGger Happy

25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 10
Image credit: Webstagram

Just to show you how lively and entertaining all these exciting paint jobs could be, watch the action right here along with the intense heat associated with the welding industry. Give that hood of yours a bit of animation. We all know you really want to.

Minion Triplets

25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 11
Image credit: Pinterest

Do you have a close relationship with the people that you work with, and you need a bit of inspiration for ideas for gifts? Get a paintbrush and start Minioning. Find a way to imitate their work faces just like these fellas have, you will be laughing for days on end.

Unique Welding Helmets:

Flower Skull Design

25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 12
Image credit: Killer Paint

The skull in a vivid blue color fused with intricate flowers provides a majestic and dark appearance to any workshop environment. It is the ideal idea for people that are interested in adding more of an artistic appeal to the way they weld. This is an invaluable, yet inexpensive helmet along with intense and rich graphics.

T94 Series Helmet

25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 13
Image credit: Amazon

Do you suffer from welder’s neck, or maybe you are interested in trying out the latest space-like weld tech? This is a helmet that looks really cool, and you can even purchase one for yourself. This is a design that helps to minimize welders’ neck. It also surpasses just about all the other available helmets when it comes to technology and comfort. With advanced lens technology and an aluminum heat shield, this helmet matches up perfectly with professional welders.

The Tagged Helmet

25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 14
Image credit: Deviant Art

Are you the type of welder that enjoys tagging and you do not care much for what anyone else thinks when it comes to your personal touches? Take a look at this innovative helmet that features creepy and strange art to give you inspiration for your designs. This particular designer is passionate about tongues. What are your interests? Feel free to share a few of your own ideas in our comments section at the bottom of this page.

Patriotic Designs

25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 15
Image credit: Deviant Art

Whilst we may all be patriotic, some of us are more flag-waving than others. That’s ok because sometimes we just don’t know how to show our appreciation for our respective countries. However, creating your very own flag style on your mask can be a fantastic way to show your love for your homeland, whether in the comfort of your own shop or out in the field and on the job!

Fire Style

I love working and experimenting with fire when I am in my workshop, this is why this helmet has given me more inspiration to get excited about the flames. This simplistic design involves authentic craftsmanship, which has resulted in a truly realistic appeal. Would you choose this helmet?

Tank Drivers Helmet

25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 17
Image credit: Etsy

The Tankman’s helmet really looks extremely tough. I would not be scared of a workmate swinging around a grinder if I had to wear this. It appears as if a boat builder of old-school boats and one of the pressure tank manufacturers designed this one. Would this helmet help you get into grinding mode each day just like me when wearing one of these?

The Deer Hunter

25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 18
Image credit: Deviant Art

This helmet is a close favorite directly after the Boba Fett helmet. The paintwork is truly inspirational and is like nothing else I have seen before. I don’t think this one is up for sale, yet if someone tried to sell me one of these, I would buy it immediately. Sprockets, leaves, and Deer skulls, I never thought these items could look this good when it comes to canvas. Yet their combination of death, life, mechanics, and color turns this into a beautiful helmet. Huge respect for the creativity of this painter.

Welding Warrior (Sparta)

25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 19
Image credit: The Man Cave

If you are a fan of the customized war-themed welding helmets, take a close look at this outstanding ancient Greek warrior helmet. The long-crest helmets were one of the protective gear worn by the Greek soldiers in the Persian Wars centuries ago. I am not too sure what welding was like in those days, yet I am keen to give a bit of Greek warrior welding an attempt when it comes to this helmet.

Pipe Welder

25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 20
Image credit: Pinterest

If there are pipe welders reading this post, here is one for you. If you are a steampunker you are going to love this. You may feel slightly off-balance when you weld in it, yet it is possible to tee up a bit of airflow to bring fresh air in which will balance out the feel of the helmet.

Old school Cool

old school welding helmet style
Image credit: Pinterest


25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 2125 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 22

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This one is so cool, I love it! I am not really into the whole steampunk style, but I have to appreciate this bad boy. It looks like the business and has had some serious love gone into the design.


soldier welding hood helmet
Image credit: Pinterest

This one is pretty cool. Perhaps you were a former serviceman or woman and are proud of your past history. Or maybe you just enjoy military-style and this particular design is very cool indeed.

Predator Welding Helmet

predator welding helmet
Image credit: Pinterest

All black and sleek. Not exactly the predator welding helmet design that you might have thought of when you came here, but I have included it for one simple reason…it has the base ready to customize with some paint. I would not advise attaching predator-style dreadlocks, however, as this could create an unacceptable hazard. On the other hand, there is nothing stopping you from painting on the crazy 4 fanged mouths!


25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 2325 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 24

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OK, let me be clear first of all. I have only used this image from Amazon because I cannot find another image online for it, however, I cannot recommend it because our team has not actually tested it. I wanted to include it here because it is really impressive and if you are a fan of the Terminator series of movies, (well the first 2 at least!), then this is a really fun design that shows your love for a classic!

What Design Have You Decided On!?

This list is mainly a bit of fun and to give you guys and girls some inspiration from what others have done with their own welding hood designs.

Let us know in the comments or email us to showcase some of your own interesting ideas!

25 Badass Welding Hoods Designs 25

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