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Welding is a high-risk job and safety should always be one of the top priorities of professional welders. This is why we decided to put together a welder tool list of the most important safety items, ranked by priority.

Welding Helmet

Also known as a hood, the welding helmet is the most important piece of equipment, as it is meant to protect your eyes, face, and neck from hot sparks, flash burns, and UV and infrared rays.

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Welding Jacket

The difference between ordinary jackets and welding jackets is the material they are made of. Welding jackets use fire-resistant materials that offer welders effective protection against high temperatures and metal splatter.

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Welding Gloves

These gloves are extremely thick and made from fire-resistant materials. They also feature a heat resistant lining designed to protect the skin from the high heat.

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Safety Googles

Welders may choose to wear safety goggles instead of the helmet. However, only certain types of welding that generate less sparking allow for the replacement of the helmet with protection glasses.

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Ear Protection

Welding is a noisy activity, hence the need for ear protection while working.

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Grinding Visor

Welders need to wear this strong yet lightweight visor during grinding jobs, in order to protect their eyes from debris.

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Steel Toe Work Shoes

These heavy-duty shoes offer excellent support. They are reinforced with steel, in order to protect your toes from heavy items that may fall on them.

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Fire Extinguisher

Having a fire extinguisher at hand is a good idea, as it will allow you to take quick action in the event of a fire.

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A Welding Machine

If you want to find a job as a welder, you don’t need to worry about the welding machine, as the employer will supply it to you. If you intend to do welding jobs on your own, either at home or for clients, you’ll need to buy your own welding machine. This means that you’ll have to know what kind of welding jobs you’ll want to be doing, so that you can buy the right equipment.

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Welding Cart Or Table

Whatever your job, you have to be comfortable while doing it. Welding makes no exception to this rule. Welders require a stable surface to set their equipment on at the appropriate height for them. If you work in a shop, you’ll probably use a fixed table. If you do welding out of your truck, you’ll appreciate a solid and reliable cart with wheels for easy transportation.

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Tools For Marking

Soapstone is the most widely used marker for metal, thanks to its very high resistance to heat. If you can’t get soapstone to mark your steel parts, you can replace it with a permanent market. You’ll need this tool to mark the metal to weld two parts together.

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Angle Grinder

Angle grinders are the ideal tools to remove excess material after welding as well as for cutting or polishing metal.

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Welding Wire

Welding wire is a thin metal rod that melts under high-intensity heat to attach two pieces together.

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Vice Grips and Pliers

The pieces of metal will be too hot to handle even when wearing welding gloves. You’ll need vice grips and pliers to handle these hot metal pieces. You might also need vice grips to use as clamps for holding small pieces of metal together to weld them.

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Welding Magnets

These powerful magnets will hold parts securely to the work surface.

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Welding Clamps

If you need to hold large pieces of metal to weld them together, you’ll use welding clamps to help them in place for welding.

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Squaring Tools

Squaring tools are needed when you want to position items to weld them with a 90 degrees angle.

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Welding Pliers

Welding pliers are nothing but a six-in-one tool. You can use them for nozzle and tip installation, but also for wire cutting, nozzle cleaning and the removal of weld splatter. They may also work as a chipping hammer.

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Hack Saw

This manual cutting saw will come in handy whenever you don’t have access to a power saw.

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Chipping Hammer

You’ll need a chipping hammer to remove welding splatter and slag along the size of welding lines.

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Steel Wire Brush

A steel wire brush will help you clean the surface to weld. You should try to get a decent quality brush so that you are not continually readjusting the wires.

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Hand File

These tools are great for smoothing ground edges and for removing burrs. It is really also just a useful addition to any toolbox.

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Adjustable Wrenches

Along with your vice grips and pliers, you will find an adjustable wrench to be a really handy piece of kit. The Channellock 8SWCB is our recommended choice.

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Chop Saws or Portabands

It is kind of up to you as to what style you think is necessary for your own workshop. We tend to go for a chop saw over a portaband because we feel that it is a more useful tool to have and the saw lasts longer. our choice is the PORTER-CABLE PCE700, if only for its quality that far exceeds its fantastic price.

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Die Grinders

A die grinder can save you a lot of time beveling and deburring. Our choice is the Ingersoll Rand 3101G becuase it is a high quality tool that will last. It is also a good price for those starting out.

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