Howdy fellow welder, welcome to, we are an information website providing information about the best machines and equipment out there for welding. Our aim is to provide the best possible product reviews and educational info to either get you started on your welding journey and to give useful, actionable information to keep you going!

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Who We Are

With over 10 years of experience, the team behind Pro Welder Guide includes:

We set out to create a site that both has the real-world experience of a pro welder, but also the polish of an easy-to-read and understand website. We include in-depth research, charts, and guides about a myriad of welding-related subjects. We offer how-to guides, as well as hands-on reviews of some of the most popular welding products on the market.

What Makes Us Different?

That’s a great question as we know there are a ton of other places you can get your reviews or information from…so why Pro Welder Guide?

Well, apart from the experience that we bring to the table; we are also able to write everything out clearly and in a non-biased fashion. 

We are a part of certain affiliate programs, which means that we get a commission if you end up buying a product that we have reviewed.

The way we are different is that we don’t blindly review anything and we actually reach out to our readers who let us know some of the pros and cons of each machine.

We also have a strict review process whereby we will point out all of the negatives of each product, (whether they be PPE, machines, or anything else) and we rank the negatives with a color-coded system.

This ensures that you can easily spot which products are worth investigating further and which products are absolute stinkers to stay away from! 

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