Best Red Wing Boots for Welding | RW 5686 Work Boot Review

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When looking for the Best Red Wing Boots for Welding that will be suitable for wearing at your workshop when you are doing some welding works, you need to be keen on the features and practicability they offer.

The boots need to be top performers and effective in keeping your feet safe from getting affected by the conditions of the workshop. Welding boots are some of the most essential pieces of safety equipment alongside a high-quality welding helmet and welding gloves.

The conditions within your welding workshop tend to be so severe that they might negatively affect your feet.

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However, if you have the best selection of welding boots, you will have an awesome and interruption-free experience. The best welding work boots should possess the following features:


If you are a professional welder, then you understand how extreme the conditions at the workshop get.

Any normal boot would crack or get affected with wear and tear after just a few weeks of being used in the welding workshop.

That is probably why, when selecting the most suitable welding boots, you need to consider their reliability and ability to last long.

You will need to check on the durability of their pats to check if they can sustain the conditions of the welding workshop.

They should be able to persevere through high pressure as well as heat that is common at the workshop. The best welding boots have an outsole that is heat resistant and less likely to deform if affected with excessive heat.

The guard on the welding boots

For the welding boots, they are designed with a metatarsal guard that serves a purpose whenever you wear the boots while working.

What the guard does is provide structure to the boots and make it capable of sustain wear and tear.

Similarly, since the guard goes over the laces, it works to protect the laces from getting burnt from sparks that are produced from your welding machine.

Therefore, it not only protects your feet but also serves to protect the boots from premature damage.

Comfort when working

A factor that you should not take for granted when choosing the best welding boot to work with is the comfort that the welding boots guarantee.

You need to wear boots that will not cause interruptions when you are working on a welding project. This is why comfort is a major issue of concern.

You are probably going to be working at your welding workshop for close to eight hours a day. Chances are that you won’t get time to remove your welding boots.

Therefore, if you can select a pair of welding boots that are quite comfortable, they should be able to make your experience at the workshop an awesome one. That is probably why you need to get brands of welding boots that are much flexible and designed to be comfortable to work with.

They should do this while guaranteeing that your feet are highly secure.

Best Red Wing Boots for Welding | Red Wing RW 5686 Work Boots

If you are a welder, then this is the ideal type of boots that you should go for.

They are designed in a practical manner that is meant to make your welding experience a convenient one. Their seamless creativity makes them a standing out boot that is from the Redwing brand among the many types of welding boots.

These types of boots are amongst the top pick of welding boots as they provide you with an easy time while conducting your welding work.

The following features should explain just how they are worth going for.

The Red Wing brand comes up with some of the most comfortable welding boots that are just worth going for. They come at affordable prices-yet, not the cheapest because cheap welding boots are just that, cheap!

They may not be designed for the perfect welding experience that would neither make them durable nor even comfortable for wearing while welding at your workshop.

They are tough welding boots

If you are looking for welding boots, there are high chances that you want to go for a pair that can be able to withstand the harsh conditions at your welding workshop.

The workshop can at times get nasty and this creates a not so friendly environment for anything you have on. As such, wear and tear on the boots is common and this might damage any type of boots but not the Red Wing RW 5686 Work Boots; they are designed to withstand such wearing out.

The toughness and sturdiness of the Red Wing RW 5686 Work Boots are guaranteed thanks to the high quality of design that they are manufactured with.

The quality used to manufacture such boots is a unique one and makes this pair of boots to stand out among the many other types of boots. Similarly, they are quite comfortable boots that will make your welding experience to be less distracted by what you wear.

If you get any interruptions form what you wear while working, then it won’t be from this pair of boots.

The metatarsal guard is ideal for the job

For any type of boots, you will need to be guaranteed that they are the best when it comes to protecting your feet.

This pair of Redwing boots that are the best to go for your welding tasks are designed with fairly tough leather that protects your feet extensively.

The leather has the capability of providing protection and guard for your metatarsals in an effective manner. Similarly, the steel toe caps provide a high degree of safety for your toes which might get negatively affected with too much pressure while you have the boots on.

Most of the brands of welding boots out there just throw in designs onto the manufacture of a boot that doesn’t work.

However, that is not what you get from the Red Wing RW 5686 Work Boots. Every design you get here is included for practicability.

Other notable features of the Red Wing RW 5686 Work Boots include:

  • It is a fully grained leather types of welding boots
  • Has a dark brown Pueblo Leather upper
  • The insole is made from polyurethane
  • Has a 90-degrees heel coverage

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