Top 10 Best TIG Gloves – Top Picks, Reviews & Guide

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Our top choice is the Superior 370GFKL for the combination of price, durability, and comfort.

There are other options on this list that are better at certain things, but these ones are the best mixture for abrasion resistance at the cost.

Best TIG Welding Gloves (Features and Reviews)

Superior 370GFKL Precision Arc Goatskin Leather Gloves with Kevlar Lining

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When it comes to finding the best opions, we’re sure you want nothing but the best. These gloves are considered to be the most crucial equipment to a welder, and they need to be of top-notch quality.

Finding the right balance between touch sensitivity and heat protection can be easily achieved thanks to the number of great gloves out there.

As TIG operations can be delicate in the sense that you’re dealing with heat built up on the metal, it can be quite intimidating if you’re not properly protected. This is where we come in.

We’re providing a small guide into what the best ones are and how you can understand which one is the best fit for you. So, let’s go and check them out!

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The Best TIG Welding Gloves Reviews

Here are our top 10 picks for TIG gloves.

Superior 370GFKL Precision Arc TIG Glove

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The Superior 370GFKLL Precision Arc TIG welding glove easily meets all the demands a TIG welder could think of. This high-level cut-resistant glove offers superb dexterity and touch control.

Made with goatskin leather, it is tough and super durable – both of which are vital for TIG welders. Kevlar interlock is used in the lining of the glove’s hand which automatically enhances its strength.

The gloves fit perfectly and keep you safe from the heat. This first-rate touch-sensitive glove isn’t just for creating a TIG weld; it can also be used by MIG welders and stainless steel welders as well.

Lastly, the gauntlet cuffs are wide-fitting and made with split-cowhide.


  • High-quality and cut-resistant
  • Superior dexterity and cut control
  • The fit is secure and precise
  • It can be worn by other welders
  • Comfortable and easy to put on


  • It takes time to break them in

Caiman 1600 Long Cuff TIG Handwear

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The Caiman 1600 Long Cuff TIG gloves are a well-designed glove that is guaranteed to catch your eye. Hazardous work environment? These gloves will handle the toughest.

These are surprisingly, reasonably priced are made from high-quality goat grain skin which makes it super resilient and durable. You can even use them for different types of jobs as they are long-lasting.

Other than offering superior dexterity and a snug fit, these gloves can withstand the toughest situations on a daily basis. They are also lightweight, have a great feel and are suits easily to a welder’s favorite accessory.

The high split leather cuff is four inches in length and easily protects the forearms from getting burned when you’re on the job. The only drawback is that this material is known to shrink when it’s exposed to the heat.


  • Great and secure fit
  • Can handle tough and hazardous work environments
  • Provides great dexterity
  • Lightweight and easy to manage
  • High split cuff protects forearms


  • The material shrinks when exposed to heat

Lincoln Electric Grain Leather TIG Gloves

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The Grain Leather TIG gloves from Lincoln Electric is not as thick as others, which easily makes it ideal for TIG operations.

As TIG doesn’t involve a lot of splatter, sparks or heat, these gloves are sturdy and comfortable to wear when you’re working.

The material is pliable and soft, both of which give you great dexterity. Built with three-part sewn fingers, the gloves are compatible with TIG conditions and high-risk environments.

It has a four-inch sturdy cuff, high strength seams with Kevlar threads. Also, the extra piece of leather used to strengthen the thumb enhances the durability and the strength of the gloves. They provide great resistance to abrasion, sparks, heat and flames.


  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Works great under all conditions
  • Offers great dexterity
  • Seams are stitched with high-level Kevlar thread
  • Abrasion, flame, spark, and heat resistant


  • You can’t use them to move or carry hot metals

Black Stallion BSX Premium 3 Kidskin Finger Cowhide Back TIG Gloves

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The Black Stallion BSX Premium is a reliable glove that welders swear by.

Not only that, the Black Stallion isn’t just for TIG work, it’s versatile enough to be used in both arc and MIG welding.

Built with premium-grade material, the gloves have the perfect thickness so that your hands are insulated from the heat while you’re working.

The large cuffs keep your hands and forearms protected, and additional padding is included on the palms. Thanks to the valuable drop patch.

So, not only are you protected but you’re also comfortable as well. The design is well thought out and these gloves are long-lasting and sturdy thanks to the Kevlar stitching that’s added to the glove’s pressure points.

The soft grain pigskin on three fingers gives you great dexterity, perfect for TIG welders.


  • Versatile and reliable
  • Long-lasting and sturdy
  • Comfortable and protective
  • Provides a great level of dexterity
  • Kevlar stitching added to pressure points


  • Can feel bulky

Miller 263354 Arc Armor Multitask

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The Miller gloves are a unique glove that is a bit thicker than other TIG gloves. However, they have multiple purposes.

When it comes to quality, you’ll find there is no room for complaints. Made with high-quality premium goat grain skin, the gloves are both flexible and dextrous.

The gloves are also well designed. They are made with wool for insulation and flame-resistant Kevlar seams for strength.

The dual-padded palm provides added comfort. They are super soft and easy to operate. Unlike other gloves, these won’t shrink when they’re exposed to the heat.

Keeping these gloves clean is also very easy. Just throw them in the washing machine, and that’s it!


  • Gives lightweight protection
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Easy and comfortable to wear
  • Provides a great level of dexterity
  • Protects your hands from getting burned
  • Easy to clean


  • The gloves are a bit bulky

Tillman 25BL Pearl Unlined Premium TIG Gloves

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The next on our list is the Tillman Glove. This is a premium-grade glove that is super light and can be managed without hassle.

The lock-stitched glove is made with Kevlar thread that adds to the strength of the gloves. It also features a straight thumb that’s built by sturdy deerskin split leather. The dexterity of the gloves is greatly improved and there is enhanced protection and grip thanks to a four-inch cuff.

Using these gloves is easy because they are light. They have a snug and comfortable fit and great sensitivity, which makes them perfect for TIG.


  • Premium grade and lightweight
  • Durable and strong Kevlar thread
  • Long-lasting and comfortable
  • Offers adequate dexterity and protection
  • Easy to operate


  • It can be slippery when handling filler rod

Revco T50 The Ultimate TIG Glove

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Invest in a Revco T50 TIG glove because it comes in various sizes, and there’s one for everybody! The kidskin material gloves are flame-resistant with a seamless index design that is perfect for TIG welding.

The specific design has lots of benefits – it boosts dexterity, has a unique ergonomic thumb style, and Kevlar thread stitching. Flame-resistant and durable, the DragPitch design ensures comfort and convenience when you’re working. These lightweight gloves are soft and easy to use. Not only that, but they also protect the back of your hands too!

However, keep in mind that these gloves can wear out faster than other gloves, so use them wisely.


  • Various sizes
  • Snug, comfortable and secure fit
  • Perfect for TIG
  • Flame and heat-resistant Kevlar thread
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • They wear out faster compared to other gloves

West Chester IRONCAT 6141 TIG Gloves

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The Ironcat TIG Gloves from West Chester are soft, durable and can be used in different environments and industries, including torch work, gas welding, and steel mills, etc.

The Kevlar stitching and the use of this particular material provides optimum dexterity and comfort while protecting your hands from heat and sparks. You can use these gloves with ease.

This long glove also gives you great coverage thanks to the extended cuff. Your forearms are protected from potential burns and the optimized grip is fantastic with a straight thumb style.

Another great feature is that the gloves are resistant to abrasions and punctures. In short?

These gloves meet all the criteria of a TIG glove. However, I must reiterate that these are not great for extreme heat. They are a great pair of gloves that are strong and comfortable, but they are just not good when holding very, very hot objects compared to the other options.


  • Can be used in different industries and applications
  • Comfortable wear with adequate dexterity and fit
  • Protection from sparks and mild heat
  • Extended cuffs offer protection from burns
  • Puncture and abrasion-resistant


  • Rough edges
  • Not up to the rigors of professional TIG operations

Revco BSX Black Stallion GM1510 TIG Glove

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The BSX Black Stallion MIG/TIG welding glove is the ultimate solution for your needs.

Made with premium goatskin, these gloves are super soft, lightweight, and offer the right amount of protection you expect from a glove.

The overall quality of the gloves make it tough and resistant to even the roughest wear and tear. You can rest assured that they will last for a long time.

These gloves are very well designed. They come with great trigger control, thanks to the built-in seamless index finger. They also offer excellent heat protection because of the lined palm and Kevlar stitching. The built-in DrapPatch provides great coverage for hot zones.

The result? Your hands will be safe from abrasions and sparks. The best part is that the gloves are flexible enough for those with arthritis.


  • Can withstand rough use
  • Comes with a lined palm for extra heat protection
  • Resists abrasion and sparks
  • Very flexible


  • Can shrink when exposed to constant heat caused by MIG welding
  • Not good for handling extremely hot materials (welding metals being in that category!)

West Chester IRONCAT 6100 TIG Gloves

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Last but not least, we have the West Chester IRONCAT 6100. These silicone coated fire-resistant gloves come with a high heat level and cut protection that welders have been looking for all their lives.

However, they suffer the same flaws as their 6141 brethren whereby they just are not suitable for extreme heat. That isn’t to say that they should be discounted as TIG gloves; just bear in mind that for professionals, these are not ideal

Constructed with premium tactile qualities, the gloves have everything a TIG welder would need, from grip strength and dotted fingers and palms to superior dexterity.

These gloves have a snug fit and offer great protection against heat so that you can be safe from the hot metal chips flying around while you’re working.

The gloves are trouble and hassle-free, durable, and, most importantly, very easy to clean.

You’ll face some stiffness at first but over time, the gloves will break in nicely and you’ll feel nothing but comfort when you’re on the job!

The main reason that I have only put the negatives in orange is that they are fine for occasional use, and they are quite durable for other workshop tasks. They are also very tactile and easy to use.


  • Comes with premium tactile qualities
  • Offers protection from heat and cuts
  • Superior dexterity
  • Comfortable feel and fit
  • Protection from heat and hot metal chips


  • Fine for occasional use, but not for professionals

What Are TIG Welding Gloves?

Since TIG is all about the production of using low heat with a concentrated flame, it’s only natural that TIG gloves are made thinner than normal gloves.

This small detail minimizes sparks and makes it more agile. A snug and comfortable fit make it possible to manipulate the torch and filler freely and more precisely.

You’ll need soft gloves that are made with at least cowhide leather and fire-resistant materials. The gloves should give your fingers complete mobility and fit perfectly so that you can weld without any hassle.

However, keep in mind that the dangers of TIG come not only from sparks but also from the light itself. A heavier glove won’t make the welding process any easier.

If you have other options already such as stick welding gloves or a MIG welding glove, then you can use them if you don’t want to purchase another pair.

Check out our guide on different types of welding joints

How Do They Work?

For TIG gloves to work, you’ll need to ensure two very crucial aspects first – protection and sensitivity to touch. Touch sensitivity is super important because, as we mentioned before, TIG requires lots of light touch and coordination.

A snugly fitting glove will ensure that you get a great range of motion. Materials such as pigskin or deerskin are great materials too. There are now Kevlar and Nomex welding gloves you can also invest in.

No matter what gloves you feel are best for you, just remember a good welding glove should be thin enough to provide complete dexterity. Also, it should be thick enough to keep you protected from the flames and heat.

TIG welding is more about the level of precision you use than the amount of heat the production needs. You’ll need total flexibility, a snug fit, and complete ease of movement.

This is where the different types of TIG gloves come in.

Keep in mind that a good glove has to support finger sensitivity as well. Let’s take a closer look at the materials that can be used to make them.

Types of TIG Gloves

Goatskin Leather

A goatskin glove is probably the most common material used to make a TIG welding glove. Most welders also prefer to use goatskin leather gloves because they are light, comfortable, and super flexible.

Not only that, but these gloves are also oil and water-resistant. Welders can easily pick up and feed rods to the filler.

Keep in mind that a good glove has to support finger sensitivity as well. Let’s take a closer look at the materials used to make a TIG work gloves.

Deerskin Leather

Deerskin is another material that is used to make TIG work gloves. They provide flexibility alongside a great amount of dexterity.

This soft material takes the shape of your hands completely, thus providing a perfectly comfortable fit. It’s another ideal material that’s great for a TIG procedure.

Split and Top Grain Leather Welding Gloves

Split and top grain leather are two very different types of leather used to make a glove. Split leather is thicker because it’s taken from the shoulder of the animal.

Thicker gloves are good for when you need to protect your hands. However, thick gloves will affect its flexibility and dexterity. You won’t be able to weld things as precisely as you would have done with a thinner glove.

Speaking of which, top grain leather is taken from the top of an animal. The quality is always superb, and it’s capable of handling rough wear and tear.

Top grain gloves are soft, smooth, and thin. It provides sensitivity to your fingers and provides enough protection at the same time. TIG is easier as you have more control over your movements.

Kevlar and Nomex

Gloves with Kevlar threading are excellent because not only do they promise to be heat resistant, but they are also manageable in size. They don’t add any bulk, and the lining of the glove is also cut-resistant.

This makes it perfect for when you need to handle sharp metals. Similarly, if you’re going for a glove with a high level of resistance, then go for the Nomex-lined ones.

These gloves are flame-retardant, meaning they won’t melt or drip even if you’re directly exposed to the flame or heat. They’ll help to insulate your hands so you can be completely safe no matter what.

Why Do You Need to Wear Specific TIG Gloves?

Besides keeping you safe, wearing the top TIG gloves that fit your budget greatly enhances your performance. They can improve your speed and welding process.

The gloves bring the right balance between flexibility and protection. The most important aspect of all is that they can support the precise movements welders might need when handling a TIG torch.

They come with extra padding on the outer part of your hands or within the palm. The gloves fit perfectly and are comfortable enough to use for longer periods of time.

There are gloves with padding available on the fingers that allow you to rest them directly on hot surfaces. There are also gloves with velcro straps that are easy to remove if you need to while you’re welding using excessive heat.

TIG Gloves Buying Guide

Let’s take a look at the factors you need to keep in mind when you’re buying the top protection for your hands:


First off, the materials used in making the gloves are essential. So, make sure you know what type of leather you want for your welding job.

The most effective and popular type of glove is made using kidskin. They are durable, perfectly thin, and flexible, but they’re not heat resistant like the other leather types, such as goatskin or deerskin.

Goatskin is known for being lightweight, flexible, and great for dexterity. It’s great for heavy welding and is both oil and water-resistant. Deerskin is super soft and comfortable and can resist heat too.

There are other choices, such as pigskin, cowskin, elkskin, etc., you can choose either one for TIG welding.


Thickness is an important part of a high-quality TIG glove. Simultaneously, thin gloves are perfect for precise hand movements when welding; thick gloves protect from heat.

One way to make sure your glove has enough thickness is to look at the lining. A Kevlar lining will make it cut-resistant and thick enough to protect you from sharp objects. It will resist heat without increasing the bulk of the glove.

Total Coverage

When it comes to coverage, always make sure that it’s going to cover your arm. TIG welders are risking their skin and exposing it to radiation often, and as a result, their arms need to be protected.

Look for gloves that provide the proper coverage. They should have a gauntlet cuff that will protect your wrist, arms, and hands. Otherwise, being exposed to UV rays for long periods can cause skin cancer.

Comfortable Feel

Take comfort over anything, any day. They should feel comfortable whenever you put them on. The idea is for you to do both complex and simple tasks without taking your gloves off.

There is a specific pair that plays a big role in providing comfort for the thumb. Some of them will feature a straight thumb style that gives the glove an ergonomic shape while providing superior comfort.

Whenever you’re shopping for gloves, always make sure the gloves are comfortable first.

Lining and Thread

The lining and thread are two vital factors when it comes to picking a pair you need.

If you’re looking for protection, then go for a glove that has a cotton or wool lining. These gloves will absorb sweat and give you dexterity at the same time.

Wool-lined gloves are perfect for those who are looking for a heat-resistant glove. However, it might decrease mobility a little bit, so keep that in mind as well.

When it comes to threads and stitching, the first thing you should check is if they are heat resistant or not. Kevlar threads are an excellent choice because they’re both strong and heat resistant.

They won’t melt easily, nor will they stretch out either. On top of that, Kevlar threaded gloves are super sturdy and will withstand even the roughest of wear and tear.


A marvelous pair of gloves will last for a long time. Similarly, their lifespan will change by how much wear and tear it withstands daily. A goatskin leather glove with Kevlar sewing up to the seams will be super sturdy and increase the lifespan.

Although goatskin leather gloves will be a bit pricier than other gloves, it promises you high-end quality.

Care and Maintenance

Taking proper care of your welding gloves can go a long way. Remember to wash them regularly, as this will ensure their longevity even more.

You’ll need a mild detergent, a clean white cloth, and cold water. Mix soap with water, soak the cloth in it and gently rub the dirt and stains off from the gloves. Next, squeeze the gloves using both your hands and remove excess water using a clean towel.

Never twist or wring the gloves when you’re drying the gloves. Let them air dry naturally; otherwise, you might damage the material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are TIG welding gloves heat-resistant? What temperature are these gloves good for?

Yes, they are usually heat resistant. Other types don’t offer as much protection from the heat as the TIG ones do. They keep you safe from sparks and extreme heat. As for the temperature, most of them are heat resistant. Besides, Kevlar threaded ones can stand extreme temperatures pretty easily.

How do I choose the right size of TIG welding gloves?

Size matters, no matter what you’re picking out. Getting the right-sized gloves can keep you comfortable while you’re welding.
Measure your dominant hand using a tape measure on a soft cloth; you’ll get the most accurate measurement this way. For numbered-sized gloves, just match your measured inch into the numbered size given.
For example, if your measurement is six inches, you need to look for a size six pair of gloves. If you’re still confused, don’t be. Some brands offer you a size chart so that you can find your size right away!

Do I need a TIG finger heat shield?

If you want more protection than you’re already getting then yes, you can get a finger heat shield. Another reason to get this shield is to lower the risk of getting burned.
Not only that, this shield will extend your gloves’ lifespan significantly. You can put your hand directly on hot metals, and it won’t burn you at all.

Where can I buy TIG welding gloves?

You can buy them at all large hardware stores and online now. Thanks to the marvels of technology, you can order them from home, or you can go to any Walmart or Amazon store and get them there.
You can also order them directly through the brand’s official website.


Thanks to TIG welding gloves, you can now weld with ease. They’ll keep you protected from the heat, withstand the toughest of wear and tear and also give you amazing dexterity while you work.

You can have total peace of mind when welding with these gloves. We hope our handy guide helps you to find the right pair of gloves. And always remember – safety comes first!

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