Best Welding Cabinets and Cart Reviews

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Best Welding Cabinet and Cart for the Money (Features and Reviews)

Klutch Compact Locking Welding Cabinet

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Top 3 Welding Cabinets and Carts Compared

ModelBest ForBuy Here
Klutch Compact Locking Welding Cabinet​
Best Welding Cabinets and Cart Reviews 1Best Welding Cabinets and Cart Reviews 2
Best in classShop on Amazon
Hot Max WC100 Welding Cart​
Best Welding Cabinets and Cart Reviews 3Best Welding Cabinets and Cart Reviews 4
No nonsense, does the jobShop on Amazon
Klutch 2 Tier Welding Locking Cabinet​
Best Welding Cabinets and Cart Reviews 5Best Welding Cabinets and Cart Reviews 6
Maneuverability and priceShop on Amazon

Once you start welding, you are going to realize that there are plenty of supplies to make the task much easier.

Welding cabinets and carts, for one, might be easy enough to make, but buying one gives you a bunch of options on features that make you more productive.

Manufactured welding carts are affordable and convenient, so you should definitely consider purchasing one.

But which one do you get? 

We have put together a list of the best welding cabinets and carts along with some tips to help you decide.

Best Welding Cabinets and Welding Cart Reviews

Let’s have a look at the top-rated welding cabinets and carts:

Klutch Compact Locking Welding Cabinet Pro Welder Guide Recommend)

[amazon box="B071DQD33L"]

For the price range, the Klutch Compact Locking is possible the best welding cabinet and a great option in terms of build and usefulness.

Though it is slightly more costly than some other options on this list, it is made extremely well and is easy to push around, even when topped with a welder.

The powder-coated paint is resilient, and it can carry a bottle.

Overall, the cart can support around 61 kg (135 lbs).



Eastwood Durable Welding Cabinet

[amazon box="B00RVKUEHQ"]

While this welding cabinet choice does not have wheels, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a wonderful cabinet.

It has also been designed to either be used solo or added to a wheeled welding cart later than the road…We like choice here at Pro Welder Guide!

The measurement of the top shelf is wide enough to fit various models of MIG’s and plasma cutters.

Check out our rundown of the best MIG welders on the market. 

You can also see more affordable MIG welders here.

The drawers are all fairly deep, so you can stay organized while working in the shop. Also, the cabinet comes coated in a rust and corrosion resistant paint, ensuring you will have it for many years.



(I have made these negatives ORANGE, because I personally prefer having the choice of adding things in the future. However you might prefer to have the wheels already installed.)

Klutch 4-Drawer Welding Cabinet

[amazon box="B071YPL9JM"]

If you don’t want a lot of open shelves, then you should consider this welding cabinet with four drawers.

Everything you own can be kept safely within, so you never have to worry about losing something.

The cart rises 30 inches (76.2 cm) off the floor, putting the welder at the ideal height for operation.

The top drawer has built-in sections to maximize space and organization, and the bottom drawer is the ideal size for storing a welding helmet.

To be honest, as a fabricator, I am often finding many of my tools scattered all around my shop and never have the darn tool when I need it. Having a kind of organized drawer is very cool and makes life a lot more simple. 

The wheels are not to turn smoothly and not get hung up.



Goplus Welding Cabinet Portable 4-Drawer

[amazon box="B015SCW19M"]

The Goplus cabinet has four drawers that help keep your equipment organized and never out of reach.

The steel construction of the whole cabinet makes it durable, and the finish promises many years of use.

It is also smooth rolling across hard surfaces. In addition to the drawers, there is a bottom shelf that is made to carry a gas cylinder.

Although assembly is required, it’s easy enough to put together.

The soft-grip handle makes pushing and pulling the cabinet easier than ever.

You get a lot of features without breaking the bank.



Performance Tool W53992

[amazon box="B01ELAPOYQ"]

Another excellent option is the rugged Performance Tool W53992.

Although this unit doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some other welding cabinets out there, it has been constructed with high-quality steel that guarantees it will last a long time.

It can also support quite a bit of weight. Furthermore, the cart has three open shelves for storage.

The only downside is that it doesn’t lock. Beyond that, the caster and swivel wheels move with ease over all kinds of terrain.



Klutch 2 Tier Welding Locking Cabinet

[amazon box="B0713STT2G"]

Lastly, we have the Klutch 2 Tier Welding Cabinet, (yes another Klutch!) – a great addition to any workshop.

As the name implies, the cart has two tiers of shelving, providing ample amount of storage for your equipment and tools.

Additionally, the cabinet locks, so you can keep more expensive items safe. The cart is constructed from high quality stainless steel for durability.

The gloss finish is resistant to corrosion and rust.

There are also four cable tie-offs for cables and cords and an ergonomic handle for easy pushing.

This welding cabinet also has four wheels—two small, two large. The front wheels swivel a full 360 degrees, allowing for precise turning.



A Note About Negatives

I will color code some of the negatives about each welding cabinet and cart, with RED being what I consider to be a serious flaw, ORANGE being somewhat serious and GREEN being mild annoyances

Serious Flaw

Somewhat Serious

Mild Annoyance

How do our Options Stack Up?

What Is A Welding Cabinet Used For?

A welding cabinet or cart is just what it sounds like—an accessory for welding that increases your overall mobility.

You can place your welder or plasma cutter on top and wheel it around, as well as store equipment in many of the provided storage spaces.

Why Do I Need a Welding Cabinet?

Welding cabinet organization

You may be wondering if a welding cart or cabinet is a worthwhile purchase. In terms of organization and mobility, you need a welding cabinet. 

As mentioned earlier, you can reposition your welder, store items in the cabinet or shelves, and enjoy unmatched convenience.

Whether you are a DIYer or work in an occupation where you are always welding, a cabinet can increase your productivity in numerous way, at the very least reducing the amount of swearing that goes on when you don’t have tools to hand!

In other words, whatever you invest when purchasing a welding cart will come back to you – with interest.

What To Look For In a Welding Cabinet?

Now that you have seen some of the best welding cabinets and carts on the market, let’s have a look at some things to consider when making your choice:


Durability is the one thing you should always look for first. A cart that is sturdily built and reinforced to support a lot of weight is going to be a great investment. 

Make sure the cabinet or cart you chose is coated in powder material, which keeps it free of rust and corrosion and other damages.

Weight Capacity

Another vital part of buying the best welding cart is knowing it can support the weight of the welding machine and all the other tools and accessories you plan on loading up with.

Some carts are designed to support only 100 lbs (45 kg)  while others can hold up to 350 lbs (158 kg).


Make sure you are choosing a welding cart or cabinet with caster wheels, if you want wheels at all. 

The wheels should be large and capable of handling all kinds of terrain. Prioritize wheels that can swivel around 360 degrees, since this increases flexibility.

Steering System

Essentially, you want a cart that has a functional steering system. Make sure the cart can make a wide stance when turning. 

The better the cart turns, the more maneuverability you have, which is ideal for more cramped work spaces.


The amount of storage space is integral, especially when you are looking for the best welding cabinet.

You need your cart or cabinet to hold other items, like clamps, a face shield, multiple angle grinders, ventilation systems, protection muffs, gloves  and a bunch of other supplies and tools. 

When you have all these things within reach, you can work more quickly and safely.

Other Features To Consider

Some welding trolleys incorporate the following features:

  • Electrical outlets for other tools, like drills, grinders, and more
  • Shelves to declutter the workspace
  • Edges for clamps and other clips
  • Cup holders
  • Sunshade
  • Foldable wings that increase the surface area when in use and save space when folded down

Decide which features are most important to you then review the recommended welding cabinets in this article. You should see a couple of examples that will fit your needs.

Wrapping it Up

There you go—several of the most highly rated welding cabinets available. Choose a welding cabinet that is rugged and made of quality materials, such as stainless steel, large wheels for additional maneuverability.

If you keep the details listed in your mind while comparing models, you should have no problem selecting the best welding cabinet for you.

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