Best Welding Gloves for Small Hands

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Best Welding Gloves for Small Hands

Black Stallion BSX BM88 Xtreme Pigskin

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Now I have a bit of an admission to make. I, (Harry not Brian), have small hands and have constantly been on the lookout for the best welding gloves for small hands.

I am not a super serious welder as compared to Brian, but I obviously enjoy getting stuck in for projects around my home. The main issue I have often faced is getting gloves that fit me properly.

By properly, I mean to be able to hold onto the gun whilst still have some kind of tactile feedback.

Oftentimes, the gloves I have bought have been too large for my hands and so whenever I have gone to pull the trigger, the fingers have bent back or otherwise impeded my ability to not get annoyed!

To that end, I have had to go for women’s welding gloves. However, if you are a woman then great, but if you are a guy, don’t worry about this…they are basically the exact same thing as regular sized gloves; just with some extra marketing behind them!

So anyway, read on to discover our top 3 choices for the best welding gloves for small hands.

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ModelBest ForBuy Here
Black Stallion BSX BM88 Xtreme
Best Welding Gloves for Small Hands 1Best Welding Gloves for Small Hands 2
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Tillman 1105W Small Hands Welding Gloves
Best Welding Gloves for Small Hands 3Best Welding Gloves for Small Hands 4
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Revco GM1611
Best Welding Gloves for Small Hands 5Best Welding Gloves for Small Hands 6
Well rounded pair of glovesShop on Amazon
Black Stallion AngelFire BSX LS50
Best Welding Gloves for Small Hands 7Best Welding Gloves for Small Hands 8
Children learningShop on Amazon

Best Welding Gloves for Small Hands | 4 of the Top Choices

Black Stallion BSX BM88 Xtreme Pigskin MIG Welding Gloves

[amazon box="B003B4BTAC"]

The Black Stallion BSX Xtreme’s are our top choice and the best welding gloves for small hands that we are comfortable recommending to our readers.

There are several reasons why we have made this our top pick. The first being that I, Harry, actually own a pair of these myself for my freakishly small hands.

The second reason is that Brian gives them his thumbs up. He can’t actually fit in them himself, but the quality if on par with his set of Black Stallion’s he has been using moderately for the past year and a half.

They are fully lined and have a pigskin palm that is padded for extra comfort.

The way the stitching is constructed ensures a decent amount of dexterity without any bunching up underneath the knuckles.

Talking about the stitching, they are sewed together using Kevlar which provides a high level of spark and scuff resistance.

This pair of small welding gloves has a great technology that Black Stallion is dubbing: “DragPatch”. Now we are often a bit wary of these kinds of branded claims, but this is actually great and offers an extra heat section guard.

They also come in a decent range of sizes, so make sure you measure up correctly before deciding to invest in these gloves.



Tillman 1105W Small Hands Welding Gloves

[amazon box="B003GM5XL0"]

They have a very good level of dexterity and heat tolerance. When compared to the Black Stallion BSX Xtreme pair of welding gloves, they lack slightly on the interesting technology front, but they make up for it by being extremely high-quality construction and well insulted inside.

Some folks have mentioned that they are stiff out of the box, but in our experience, thus is often a feature of most welding gloves unless you spend an absolute fortune.

Often you just need to go through a breaking in period, similar to a new pair of shoes.

One customer also mentioned that they used their pair almost all day whilst blacksmithing and suffered no ill effects. 

Obviously blacksmithing isn’t welding, but both use high heat. Welding is a higher heat for a shorter amount of time, whereas blacksmithing is a consistently hot heat for a longer time.

Anyway, I digress…the Tillman 1105W is a solid pair and definitely the second best welding gloves for small hands on our list here.



Revco GM1611 Top Grain Leather Cowhide MIG Welding Gloves

[amazon box="B078FNQMKW"]

The Revco GM1611 cowhide welding gloves are on of the most highly reviewed welding gloves available. This is for good reason.

They are a fantastic price and have a forgiving cotton liner for extra comfortable welding, and they do this without adding a lot of volume in order to keep dexterity high.

You can use these gloves for any kind of fabrication work including grinding, plasma cutting, welding, whatever really, and they hold up extremely well.  

This pair is solidly in the prosumer market of welding and whilst they might not while be durable enough for really heavy-duty welding, they can certainly keep up with some of the higher end, more expensive models out there.



Black Stallion AngelFire BSX LS50

[amazon box="B00O1VGANK"]

The Black Stallion AngelFire BSX LS50 Woman’s Premium Grain Pigskin Welding Gloves are an interesting addition to our list.

This is because they are reviewed both extremely well with some users singing their praises. However, they are also derided by some others for poor quality and the stitching coming undone.

So why did we include them on our list of the top 4 best welding gloves for small hands?

Well, the simple answer is that after a few days of usage to break them in, they are apparently very comfortable and have high dexterity.

They are also small. Really small.

So, if you are looking for very small welding gloves for your very small hands, (or as a gift to your sons or daughters to get them into the trade), then these kind of fit the bill quite nicely.

As a matter of fact, many people have bought these gloves for their children as first-time welding gloves for children. This is absolutely awesome because welding is a trade that should be enjoyed by everyone and we should really encourage a new generation to get involved.

They might not be suitable for welders with small hands that weld on a moderate to heavy level, but for kids and/ or doing the odd job, they are a really wonderful set of gloves.



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