Best Welding Ventilation System

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Finding what the best welding ventilation system is can be a tricky question to answer.

It really depends on what setting you will be using your welding machine in, and whether or not it is for home use or for a more industrial setting.

This article will give you options for both settings, starting with the home use.

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Best Welding Ventilation System for Home Use

Depending on where you will be welding, you should really make sure to invest in the correct safety equipment

Essentially you are looking for something affordable, comfortable and can be used in a smaller, perhaps confined area, such as a home workshop or garage.

CoolBelt Welding Helmet Cooling System (Recommended)

Best Welding Ventilation System 1Best Welding Ventilation System 2

The CoolBelt system is an interesting option because it provides an easily mountable and portable welding ventilation system with dual speeds to ensure that your goggles don’t fog up, whilst also providing you the protection against the harmful fumes.

Some folks have aired their misgivings which include, inability to work with any other helmet other than Miller hoods.

It may also need some modifications to fit in with existing systems you use.

Other than that, it is a sounds home welding ventilation system if you plan on welding occasionally or everyday.

PAPR Kit (B. Helmet PAPR Kit)

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Another belt mounted option.

The main reason why the home welding ventilation systems are this style, is because it is much more efficient method to use PPE rather than larger methods to protect several people all working on a site.

This system is RoHS certificated which means that it is EU certified to extremely high standards.

Best Welding Ventilation System

Best Welding Ventilation System for Industrial Use

Industrial welding ventilation system are an entirely different kettle of fish to those of home use.

A question that I have been personally emailed is:

“what is the best ventilation system for multiple MIG welding operations

Well, there are several and in fact, they can be used for most types of industrial welding, not just MIG welding.

Lincoln Electric Miniflex Portable Weld Fume Extractor

Best Welding Ventilation System 5Best Welding Ventilation System 6

So the Lincoln can actually be used in a home setting, (if you have the cash) or a commercial environment. 

This is as a result of its super quiet operation. This is advantageous in a workshop because there is already so much noise that reducing the general clatter of the daily grind is a welcome respite!

This is not a good option if many welders are operating at the same time, as it only have 1 nozzle, but it can comfortably handle 2 that are side by side.

The main benefit of this welding ventilation system, is that it can be targeted to where the actual fumes are being created.

The benefit of this is that you can set it up near your welding bench ,and just kind of leave it there.

MaxxAir HVHF 12COMBO Heavy Duty Cylinder Fan (Recommended)

Best Welding Ventilation System 7Best Welding Ventilation System 8

The nuclear option!

The MaxxAir is probably the best welding ventilation system for an industrial setting that you could get.

It is actually very affordable and you could use it in a home setting, but I think that it might be a bit overkill for that situation!

This is really good if you have a busy workshop with many different types of applications producing hazardous fumes.

Because this will be blowing the fumes out into the atmosphere rather than filtering it, you will need to make sure you get all the correct permissions to use it before you go ahead and purchase.

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