Campbell Hausfeld WF2150 Review

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I’ve been looking around for a good welder for quite sometimes. I’ve been keen on the kind of features to look out for, just in case, so I don’t end up purchasing the wrong machine.

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The cost of buying a substandard welder is much more than you can imagine. But when I finally matched the features I had in mind with a product on the shelves, I found Campbell Hausfeld WF2150.

This is by far the best welder if you want something powerful that you can also move around without much hassle. If I compare it with the tens of other welders that I’ve also used, the Campbell Hausfeld WF2150 has been of great help with my welding projects.

Its high power means that the job gets done quickly. The machine looks as lovely as it functions, and can handle a variety of welding projects.

Portable Design

It features a construction that makes it more portable than it looks. Though it’s about thirty-seven pounds in weight, the construction ingeniously eliminates this weight to create a portable machine that most experienced welding professionals will appreciate.

This welding machine is fixed with a tough steel case that also contributes to its transportability. I find it handy since I can carry it to job sites that I just can’t move to my workshops.

Infinite Wire Speed Control

It is incredible how much you can get done with this welder. It boasts a record-breaking infinite wire speed control, which allows you to adjust for smooth and even weld beads. It is a feature that makes it one of a kind, and that even most great welders don’t have.

If you have ever used the Campbell Hausfeld WF2150, you will agree with me that this feature has improved its ease of use a great deal, making its functionality unbeatable among its competitors.

Independent Drive Deck Transformer

I use this welder for the jobs that require speed and fast deliverability. It provides consistent wire speed needed for smooth welds, thanks to its Independent drive deck transformer. It is a feature that makes work easier for the user.

Welding goes on smoothly from the moment you turn it on. For a job that needs to be completed within a thin timeline, this is the right machine for it.

Dual Heat Setting

This is another handy feature that is available in the Campbell Hausfeld WF2150. The settings ensure easy adjustment of output power for different metals and projects.

It is meant for projects that involve welding on varying metal thickness. Each setting works best for particular metal thickness. This makes this particular feature a great convenience for welding experts, especially when different metallic materials are involved.

Thermal Overload Protection

This is a protective feature that ensures the safety of your welder during the welding spree. The thermal overload protection shuts the machine off automatically whenever there are any signs of overheating.

When a welder overheats, a lot of things can transpire, including machine breakdown. All these are avoided through thermal overload protection features. It is a feature that also contributes to the durability of this welding machine.

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  • Can be adjusted in more than one ways
  • Tough steel casing
  • Automatic heat overload shutoff
  • Four heat settings
  • Portable design


  • It is heavy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum thickness of steel can it weld?

A: It can weld steel up to 3/16 inch thick, which is a pretty good ability.

Q: How much does this machine weigh exactly?

A: It weighs 36.4 pounds. This might sound heavy, but the machine is pretty portable, thanks to its ingenious design.

Q: What are its measurements?

A: The Campbell Hausfeld WF2150 weighs 19.5 x 15.1 x 11 inches.

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Final Verdict

After a thorough evaluation of its features and performance, I can advise anyone trying to buy a new welder to try out this model. It’s one of the best welders of its kind in the market today, no doubt.

The machine works just fine and can be depended on to deliver the best performance for the right materials.

Armatures and experienced welding experts will all find it easy to use and to set up. With such a small design, it can be transported with so much ease.

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