Can I use Welding Goggles to View Eclipse?

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Generally speaking, it is not advisable to watch the solar eclipse with a welding mask. This is mainly due to the fact that you need to really look for a rating of IR14 or Higher, which is not commonly found with welders googles.

Observing a solar eclipse is extremely hazardous without the proper eyewear and unless you can guarantee that your welding goggles are this rating or higher, you will be putting yourself at high risk of severe eye damage.

In fact, to understand further, you can see this quote from

“How do you know if your eclipse glasses or handheld solar viewers are truly safe? You need to know that they meet the ISO 12312-2 (sometimes written as ISO 12312-2:2015) international safety standard. Filters that are ISO 12312-2 compliant not only reduce visible sunlight to safe and comfortable levels but also block solar UV and IR radiation.”

Can I use Welding Goggles to View Eclipse if they meet the standard?

You can use welding glasses if they have a shade filter of at least 12 or preferably more. You must make sure to check that the shade filter number is this and that the lenses are not scratched or cracked or defective in any way, otherwise, this will moot any protection.

However, we would still advise using the correct eclipse sunglasses if you want both an enjoyable and safe experience.

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