Forney 304 Mig Welder 95f1-A Flux Core Review

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This Forney 304 Mig Welder 95f1-A Flux Core Review will show you that it is a machine that has got the capabilities to weld comfortably out of the box. It has got a readily inbuilt MIG wire that aids in welding.

There is no limit to which this machine can be exhausted as it can weld all types of carbon steel. This is why automotive sectors prefer it.

Note: Forney Easy Weld 304 is currently unavailable so the closest option is the 291 which is to in all external links in this post. Read our Forney 291 review here.

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It uses a voltage of 120V. If it causes an overheat in your item, there is automatic thermal overload protection that will shut down the machine.

Forney Industries Company was founded in 1932. It is an established family-owned metal product company. It is well-reputed with more than 5,000 products like automotive and hardware.

The output current of the welder ranges from 20 to 95 amperes direct current. The weight of the device is 19.5 kilograms.

Forney Industries gives warranty once you buy the item. However, the warranty varies as follows; 5 years for a full replacement of the transformer, three years for a full replacement of components and parts of the battery, one year for parts outside the battery, 90 days for other parts.

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Forney 304 Mig Welder 95f1-A Flux Core Review

Welds Well Out of the Box


This machine has an ability to weld using an inbuilt 1 pound roll of MIG wire. It has got no limits regarding which types of metals it can weld and which ones it cannot. It can weld different types of carbon steel, and this is why it is widely used commercially in automotive applications.

DC CV welding up to 1/8 i.e. 3.1 mm thickness at 20 to 95 amps Output Power


The .030″ and .035″ wire diameter used in the flux cored wire. It utilizes a direct current of the range between 20 amperes and 95 amperes and a maximum OCV of 27 volts. The efficiency of the machine at 60 amperes is 20%. The weld has got a thickness of 4.76mm and a weight of 19.5 kilograms.

More Accessories


The type of cables used mostly which the welder accepts is .030″ and .035″ diameter. The anti-scratch part of the machine made up of the face shield, welding torch, ground clamp, starter roll and a combination chipping brush are all accessories that come with this beautiful machine.

Safe to Operate


The input voltage that the device uses is 120 volts. It uses a single-phase power with a frequency of 60 Hertz; that means it is alternating current. There might be a thermal overload in the machine when it is in operation.

To protect it from distortion and the operator from being harmed, it is equipped with automatic thermal overload protection that automatically shuts down the machine once it experiences that condition.

Other Features


The weld thickness is of about 4.76mm, and its weight is 19.5kg. The lightweight is imperative when doing the cuttings and other works in the workshop. It will lessen your fatigue even if you use it for a long duration.

Again, with the right welding wire and shield glasses, the MIG applications will offer a duty cycle of 20% at 60 amps.

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  • It has an automatic thermal overload protection
  • Can weld all types of carbon steel
  • It has got an anti-scratch cabinet
  • Has got a very efficient duty cycle.
  • Flux-cored does not require CO2 or argon


  • Feed motor in it makes much noise
  • Feed knob is cheesy
  • The leads are not super thick hence caution needed

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anybody who has tried running this on a circuit of 15 amperes or should it be run at 20 amperes?

It should be at least 35 amps, and above or else you may end up damaging your machine.

How does this machine perform with stainless steel?

It does perfectly well and reliably.

What is the duty rating of this welder?

The duty cycle is: 17 amperes at 20%, 100 amperes at 60% and 80 amperes at 100%

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Final Verdict

The welder machine is excellent. Its quality, performance, and value are strong with this machine. It has got a magnificent precision and adaptability of the power and feed from digital readouts.

Furthermore, it is easy to set up and use. For its limitations like too much noise, one can wear earmuffs. It is ideal for the hobby guys and also in the field where you need portable light welding. It is simple to set up, and it does not take more than five minutes to set up.

I, therefore, recommend this machine to any workshop operator who wishes to advance their welding to the next level.

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