Lincoln 185 MIG Welder Review | Electric K2 185-1 Handy Model

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Usually, I size up welders pretty quickly. And this one wasn’t any different. Within hours after purchasing it, I had already come to the conclusion that the Lincoln 185 MIG Welder is a formidable piece of machinery that deserves all the accolades I had heard given about it.

Truth be told, I went to the store to purchase this device based on all the superb reviews I heard of it from fellow heavy users of welders. It wasn’t in my plan to go in search of welding machines reviews, but the pressure was simply too much.

In the end, I have come to appreciate the good fortune that made me make my way into the store that morning.

This machine is simply spectacular, any good things you might hear being said about it don’t paint even half of the picture. It would be best if a user goes out and buy one for him or herself to experience this machine.



The first thing you notice instantly about the Lincoln 185 MIG Welder is its nimbleness and general compactness. This is not a mistake or just another by the way. It is a deliberate design feature by the manufacturer to make it that much more manageable.

The compactness means it can fit into small spaces while it being lightweight makes carrying it around not a chore at all. The compactness also makes it one of the most portable welders out there.

Both MIG and Flux Cored


While most other welders are either MIG or flux cored what we have here is a true hybrid, a device that takes the best of both worlds and manages to fuse all that goodness into one supreme device.

Because it is versatile, it can operate some jobs successfully. There are jobs that are much better handled by a flux cored device; it is the one that provides the best results. There are other jobs that are best undertaken by the more usual MIG welder. Both options are available here.

Uses Mains


Another paramount feature of the Lincoln 185 MIG Welder is the device’s ability to use mains electricity. Mains electricity is always the most reliable form of electricity.

The amount of power delivered is more than that which you can expect from conventional batteries, and this power is not likely to fluctuate wildly.

Wild fluctuations of power usually cause extensive damage to devices that use electricity. It is important that any power source be both reliable and stable.

One Year Warranty


Some other welders out there claim to provide a warranty, but this warranty is a limited time

And it is only given if an extensive list of demands is met. Here, all those restrictions you may have experienced with other products aren’t there at all.

The warranty goes on for a whole year, which is a time long enough for you to have familiarized yourself with the device and used it adequately.

70 amps Current


Current capacity is important when considering which welder to choose. Some welders require a lot of currents to operate. This current isn’t available in your normal household setting and is only accessible to heavy industrial locations.

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Such welders can therefore not be used at home for local welding jobs. This device isn’t one of these high current devices. It runs on seventy amps of power for the best results in both small scale welding and even mild industrial welding.

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  • Light and manageable to carry around.
  • Uses standard mains power for operation.
  • It is enabled to perform both household tasks and industrial tasks.
  • Has a warranty provision.
  • Can be able to handle multiple processes.


  • The chipping hammer and the hood of this device are not the best quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Lincoln 185 MIG welder have a fan?

Yes, the device has a fan whose primary task is cooling.

What adjustments mechanisms does it feature?

There is adjustment capability for the wire feed speed and the voltage.

What is the wire feed speed range?

The range is: 0-300 rpm.

Final Verdict

If you want to acquire a compact and easy to use welder that will last you a long time and give the most excellent service then there is no need to look any further.

This device is expertly designed and has amazing features and added accessories that make it functional on more than just one level.

That it can be able to handle multiple processes with its different endowments should make any user feel safe and secure in its ability. It is a product I would highly recommend because it is of good quality. You can read our more recommendations on MIG welder with reviews here.

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