Lotos MIG 140 Review

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There are some excellent welders in the market and a lot of really average ones that shouldn’t even be in the market.

The trick is in telling apart the two and choosing a welder that will serve you well. In this regard, probably the most effective way to tell apart a good welder from a bad one is the brand name.

Welders can claim to have all sorts of excellent properties, but you will never know any of these properties or attest to the truth of the given values unless you buy one and use it for a while.

The brand name comes with a reputation built over years and years. If a certain brand builds good welders, then it is almost certain that all welders that come from that company will be quality.

Lotus is one of those brands with a good reputation. This is one of their best-selling welding machines, and it has the following features.

Aluminum Feed Wire

The feed wire is what goes into the welding machine and covers the place that requires welding. It should be made of a durable material which must still also be easy to melt and provide perfect solidification to make the welding a success.

When it comes to these kinds of wires very few beat aluminum. It is regarded as one of the most versatile metals out there and it being used here shows just how good these devices are. Your welding operations will never be the same again once you give this device a try.

Can Function On Mains

Mains power is highly regulated. It is, of course, more powerful than your average batteries but it can’t much the industrial standards. This is because industries require heavy levels of power.

Some welding machines are principally made to function in industrial settings. This means that should abuser attempt to plug it to mains power; the device will not function. This one is different as it can be able to handle mains power making your local welding jobs possible.

Lotos MIG 140

Input/ Output Values

Input and output values determine how effective the machine can be, and they also show the range over which the device can operate. The device usually takes in power and then released it in the welding action.

These figures are important to know so that the user can know where best to use the welder without compromising on its effectiveness.

The input value of this device is 110 volts, and the output value is 140 amps, enough power for all uses without running the risk of electrocution.

Argon Flow Meter

The flow meter is used to keep track of the current that flows through the device. This is important because there are limits that must be adhered to. If these limits are breached the device could malfunction horribly.

This device features an excellent argon flowmeter that provides the most accurate readings for your tracking purposes.


The welder is endowed with the ability to perform a multiplicity of tasks. It is not simply designed to facilitate the welding of one type of surface but can function on some different metals easily.

This enables this welder to be used for different welding jobs and still be able to function with the same level of efficiency every time.

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  • Can find use in multiple operations?
  • Uses standard electricity, it can function in household settings.
  • Has excellent wire range.
  • The product comes with warranty allocation.
  • Includes a host of accessories.


  • The main downside is the lack of interchangeable accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What other devices are included in a standard purchase?

A: An MIG torch, a ground clamp cable, a gas hose and others.

Q: What is the wire range of the device?

A: It has a wire range of 0.6 to 0.8 mm.

Q: Is there an upgrade version?

A: Yes, there is an upgrade version that debuted in 2016.

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Final Verdict

In conclusion, I will not say a lot more. All has exhaustively been taken care of. The features have covered above and the pros as well as one of two unpleasant spots.

The power is on you, the buyer to recognize the quality of this device from the appraisal of it given here. When they compare it with others in the market, I am sure that very few will come even close to the excellence this one provides. It would be a quality buy.

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