Pro Series MMIG125 125 Amp Fluxcore Welder Review

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Flux core welders are sophisticated pieces of equipment that come in handy for all kinds of welding jobs around the house and even small scale industrial uses.

It is made for these kinds of jobs because the manufacturers looked around and realized that there were no other devices that could function in such a manner.

It operates in a slightly different manner from all other kinds of welders especially the MIG ones which are the welders most likely to be found in the market.

While all these types of welders can be depended upon to provide excellent service, the Flux core welders are somehow more sophisticated.

This particular welder is especially good. I sampled one a few months ago as part of a product review marathon I was on.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. I had never tried any of such welders before especially not anything from Pro Series.

Suffice to say, I ended up buying it!

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Works For All Kinds Of Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is a special kind of fortified steel that is way harder than your average steel and way more flexible and durable. It is the primary kind of steel that is nowadays used for all manner of industrial jobs.

Because it is so rare, it helps if there are welders out there that can work on it. This welder from Pro Series can work on all kinds of carbon steel. This makes it one of the handiest tools of its kind in the market. Users can use it for all of their welding jobs involving carbon steel.

Pro Series MMIG125 Welder

Good For Household Jobs And Small Industrial Uses

This welder as I have already pointed out isn’t a welder for large-scale industrial uses. This is because large amounts of power are required and the workload is heavy.

It is a welder that works well for the household setting finding application in some domestic jobs that require welding, and small industrial bases such as your local garage or another metalworking place. It is designed to handle these kinds of jobs well.

Has Thermal Overload Protection

Welders work by generating heat to melt metal and form a cover over broken places. As with all other pieces of equipment which generate a lot of heat and are power-intensive, chances of heat overload are quite high.

Heat overload can lead to horrible accidents in the worst-case scenario or cause the device to malfunction in the scenario of lesser horror. Both of these are undesirable which is why this device comes with overload protection.

Two Voltage Settings

Different welding jobs require different levels of power. Sometimes a welding Job needs just a little power to accomplish than that which is being provided by the welder.

At other times, the amount of power needed might be too much, and the welder ends up being ineffective. This welder is guarded against such eventualities by having two different voltage settings for jobs that require different levels of power.

Additional Inclusions With Purchase

When one finally purchases this device, it will not come alone. A welding machine on its own is not effective.

One needs a ground cable with an additional clamp if possible, a welding gun, a spool of wire which must be Flux-cored if the welder is flux-cored, a face shield, and a brush hammer. All these things are included in the package when one buys one of these.

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  • It has additional tools for more excellent welding.
  • It is a versatile tool, has different voltage settings.
  • Safe to use due to the thermal overload protection feature.
  • Works on most surfaces.
  • It has a good wire range.


  • The heat produced is a bit inadequate for demanding jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work on mains power?

Yes, it works on 120V standard outlet power.

What is the duty cycle?

The duty cycle is at 20% when the device is operating at 80 amps.

What is the wire size range?

The size of the wire ranges from 0.030 to 0.035 inches.

Final Verdict

All these factors make its value unquestionable and also make it one of the first welders any person should look at who is interested in these sorts of equipment for their homes or workplaces.

When I was buying this welder, I knew it’s a great machine, but I still had some doubts. I sampled the product and was fascinated by it, and I’m glad I bought it.

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